“Übertweak was the highlight of my year” – Camper

Übertweak is a camp run by Scripture Union Australia, a Christian not-for-profit organisation with a heart for youth and children. Each camp is run by a group of volunteer leaders, who are trained in child safety, and hold a Working with Children Blue Card issued by the Queensland State Government.

We aim to build a safe, supportive and inclusive community on every camp we run. All camps are drug and alcohol free. We have trained first-aid officers, and directors have additional training in emergency management. Directors always have their phones on them and can be contacted at any time throughout the week.

As part of Übertweak, campers are invited to participate in daily input sessions where we discuss issues that are relevant to them, and provide opportunities for them to ask questions about matters of faith and life. We also talk with the campers about the Bible and who Jesus is.

The location of Übertweak depends on the camp, but they all take place around Brisbane. We offer transport from Spring Hill (five minutes from the Brisbane CBD), but campers can also be dropped off at the campsite. You’ll receive a letter after registering that contains more details.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us


Übertweak is a safe place, where everyone feels valued as part of a community. Leaders model an attitude of respect and inclusiveness.


Übertweak is run by leaders who are involved in a wide range of cutting edge technologies that are shaping our world today, and are passionate about sharing their experience and expertise.


Campers will have the opportunity to learn and discover the latest technologies in a fun and inspiring way with activities to suit a wide variety of interests.


At Übertweak we love playing games! Campers get the chance to play fun and challenging games from a variety of genres.


At Übertweak we explore how faith and technology fit together in modern society.  We spend time each day looking at the Bible and encourage campers to discuss in a safe setting.


Übertweak was instrumental in making me who I am today.  The leaders were great, and I met some good friends.